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ECCNA39 offers first class entertainment which gets its glory from the unique city of Helsinki and the talented members of our local fellowship. 

FRIDAY OPEN AIR We are going to have a warm outdoor party in the old Lapinlahti hospital area already on the opening day of the convention. We offer traditional Finnish delicacies – grilled sausages, pancakes and strawberry lemonade. You can visit the sauna and go swimming in the sea. We have music in the yard until midnight and meetings in the hospital building.

JAILS, INSTITUTIONS, DEATH, OR A NEW WAY OF LIFE – GUIDED CITY TOUR On Saturday we will have some wonderful daytime entertainment. We welcome our guests to experience a guided city tour that presents Helsinki from the addict’s point of view. A bus will take you through the city, stopping at the major locations of the history of Helsinki fellowship.

WE TRIED COUNTLESS OTHER REMEDIES – PEAKTIME SHOW On Saturday night, before the countdown, we are going to see an amazing interdisciplinary dance show. Included in the registration fee – no tickets required! 

RAVECCNA After the countdown the night culminates in a massive rave party in Puristamo hall in Kaapelitehdas. We have the best sound systems, lights and addict DJ:s in the whole Finland to deliver you the best party ever.

The entertainment subcommittee invites you to experience the convention of your life!